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Thursday, June 28, 2001

And here's a bit of

And here's a bit of what my friends had to say about my recent handy-woman accomplishments:

Pim, i am so happy for you! this is a whole new world opening up. Soon you will be doing your own plumbing! congratulations! ps. how the heck did you manage with just one plier? I usually need pliers.

Linda (after, of course, calling Valerie a meanie for picking on the plier/pliers thing):
pim, excellent handy man problem solving. now, practice a lot before nailing things down with the hammer. and stay away from the hot glue gun until your asbestos suit arrives.

Oh my GOD!
Did I miss something?
Did hell freeze over?
This is really big news... and I am happy for you. What's next grouting? Or caulking?

and, responding to Val wondering what a plier is, Matt said:
plier is typically used in the following: "I bought a couple drinks to ply her, but it didn't work"

I love my friends. :-)


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