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Thursday, June 14, 2001

BBC News | Beauty at

BBC News | Beauty at heart of killings mystery

It is not easy being a woman.

My heart goes out to the young woman at the heart of this madness. She is, I am certain, now a pariah in her own country, as she is believed to be the woman who had driven their beloved crown prince into a mass murderer.

In a culture much too ready to blame the women for all its problems, she must bare the brunt of the anger of generations of Nepalese while they struggle to make sense of this insanity.

And all she had done appears to simply be falling in love with an evidently insane man. All the reported angst against her as the prince's choice of bride was not due to her own constitution, but for her bloodline, something she could niether choose nor avoid.

No Indian or Nepali mother would let her son marry this woman. She has become destined for a life of spinsterhood, in a country where a good marriage is still considered one of the supreme achievement of a woman's life. I doubt if she can even return to Nepal, ever.

I wonder if the prince even wasted a second in thinking that by destroying himself and his family, he also shattered the life of the woman he claimed to love, the very object of his obsession. I suppose not.

What tragedy.


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