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Friday, July 20, 2001

I went bar hopping with

I went bar hopping with Val and Dave last night. Yes, on a thursday night.

It's not all that intentional really.

First I went to meet Dave at an art opening by Peter's (a freind of Dave's) dad. It turned out we got there a bit early. Just about a week early. Yes, Dave is a dolt. (but we love him anyway)

Then the two of us met Val for dinner at this little Italian place in Hayes Valley. We had a plan to rendezvous with our friend Don later that night at the wine bar. So off we went with bellies full of pasta and Chianti (the ratio of which you can guess), only to discover that Hayes and Vine was closed for an oh-so-private party until 9.30. We tried the famished children look with our respective noses pressed against the glass window begging to get in. Didn't work.

So we hurled ourselves across the street to Absinthe where I consoled myself with la petite morte. Oh, contain yourself, it's just a drink! Really it was :-) Val and Dave went with our old standby, Sidecar.

We tried to call Don to let him know we're across the street, but only managed to leave a garbled message on his cell phone. (Really what's the point of having a cell phone, people, if you're not gonna answer it.) According to Don later, it said something about upjohn or up your john or some such things.

Knowing full well that the message we left probably told Don to go play by himself in Timbuktu, we decided to cross the o-mighty Hayes yet again back to the wine bar to beg his forgiveness. In the meantime Don finally managed to ungarblized the clue we left on his phone, and was on his way to Absinthe. Fortunately he spotted Dave as he was flying by Hayes and Vine in his flashy chien-scented sports car, and decided that there couldn't, or shouldn't, be that many Dave-looking people in this wolrd. Don, who appeared to be the only person with a functioning brain last night, hence found us trying with all our collective might to sit up straight at the place we said we weren't gonna be..

So ended our school night odyssey with Perfection and great, if a bit disheveled, company.


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