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Friday, September 14, 2001

In graduate school and in

In graduate school and in my work I am trained to look at objects in a peculiar manner.

When I do my fieldwork in network operation centers I look to devices, charts, papers, and other tools, to help reconstruct work practice of the people using those artifacts. It has become a second nature for me to look at things and see beyond them to the people and communities of practice built into them.

I can hardly bare to watch the news report of the past few days. The remnants of papers and other objects scattered into the winds. To me those are faces and communities. Attached to each one of those now neglected things are people whose grave prospect I do not dare imagine. And inseparable from these lives that may now have been lost forever, there are yet more people who knew and loved them.

The media have been kind in not showing the more gruesome pictures of the human disaster.
Sadly, I am not spared.


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