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Monday, March 24, 2003

Chris and I went to

Chris and I went to another protest on Saturday. There were a lot of people, and it was decidedly livlier than the other ones. I was again annoyed by a guy near us with an anti-Israel sign. I thought it ironic, for someone who was obviously in dissent of his government to assume that *all* Israelis were behind the appalling acts of theirs. It's a free country. It's a free protest. I guess.

We saw the San Francisco Police in riot gears out in full force. Then I remembered how a couple of those menacing looking guys just beat some guys almost to a pulp for no apparent reason. I have to say walking by them, even in the throng of other protestors, was quite unnerving.


The next morning I heard Donald Rumsfeld on CNN. Responding to Wolf Blitzer's question on civilian casualties, Rumsfeld replied "...the care that the Coalition planners have taken in limiting potential civilian casualties is breathtaking."

err...Mr.Secretary, the bombs are *literally* breath-taking too.

What an ill-chosen choice of word. I suppose with all this money he's spent on the war, we couldn't expect him to afford a thesaurus now, could we?


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