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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

This is my first blog

This is my first blog after a year absence. In case the blogs are your primary way of keeping in touch with me, here's a history of my last year or so in 10 1/2 sentences.

Still work for The Man (damn Nasdaq!)
My work took me to every continent but Africa--darn.
Number of dinners had at my sentimental favorite L'Os a Moelle, 6 (+ 1 lunch). I was even invited into the kitchen by the chef, and given his cookbook!
Still haven't given up trying to speak French properly.
Chris and I spent Premier Mai yelling "Fuck Le Pen" in the Place de la Bastille and along rue de Rivoli with what seemed to be the entire population of Paris. French democracy worked, though a bit late, but it did finally.
Marched with the Environmentalist Against the War in San Francisco. No one yelled Fuck anything! It was such an orderly stream of people marching peacefully in the streets of San Francisco---I have to say protesting in France and in French was so much more fun, not to mention colorful, than here.


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