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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I just found out from

I just found out from the Guardian Weblog that Salam Pax is blogging again.

This is such great news! I have been fearing what fate had befallen him after his last known blog on March 24, at the beginning of the war. Now I found out he's alive, well, and blogging again. I am happy.

There is one wierd thing though. This morning when I first read Salam's new blog, he had a piece on an hilarious interview with a NY Times reporter. His friend G., who apparently has done some work for the Guardian arranged the interview for a translator job. Salam described the wierd scene of the reporter presiding "like a god" wearing only a small towel, and later a pair of shorts.

When I went back to his blog again to reference the piece on my own blog, I found it had disappeared! The multi-paragraph recounting of the story was gone---poof! What was left was just one line reference to his visit to the Meridian hotel, "G and I went to the Meridian to do an errand."

Blog censor? Curious, very curious.


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