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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

in Manhattan

No, 66 is not in San Francisco. I forgot to mention in my Monday blog that I am in Manhattan for the week. Work, mostly--though I do try to find time to go in search of a good meal.

So far I have made it to 66 for dinner, Golden Unicorn for Dim Sum and Payard for tea. All these plus visiting 3 customers so far, not bad huh?

I've got the Golden Unicorn recommendation from Chowhound and eGullet. I wasn't so impressed though. It was good, but nothing to write home about.

Payard, on the other hand, was a stunning disappointment. I had high hopes for them, but I'm afraid to report that it wasn't even worth the trip up town. The Cannelles were too dry, and nothing close to any of Pascal Rico's boulangerie in San Francisco. The Tarte aux Fraises was tasty enough, though a bit soggy and the Pate Sucree crust way too thick. The tea, Payard's blend, was awfully over-brewed. The Pates des Fruits were disheveled looking. The macarons, oh I had such high hope for those macarons, were pretty but super sweet. I tried a few flavors, framboise, pistache, chocolat, and cafe. They were all extremely sweet. It appeared the biggest difference between each "flavor" was the color, not so much the taste! The framboise had a teeny amount of preserves in the middle, barely providing a tang, let alone enough to counter such monstrous sweetness. The chocolat tasted ever so slightly of chocolate, the same with the pistache.

On top of all these, the patisserie itself appeared to need a good top to bottom scrubing. It was oppulently decorated yet managed to look on the whole deteriorated and disheveled, sort of like Miss Farversham's drawing room from Great Expectations. The only thing you wouldn't find chez Miss Faversham would be the Barry White's disco music blasting in the background!


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