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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

L'Arpège: I offended the Food God?

I had dinner at L'Arpège last night. It was delightful of course, the highlight of which was an entrée of Lobster hidding under a paper thin slice of turnip in a slightly sweet/sour sauce, the chef's specialty. Also wonderful was a roasted chicken "grandmother style", volaille de pâturage, and a superlative slow roasted Turbot.

But dear Food God....what have I done to offend thee???

I am proud of my ability to eat anything...anything I tell you, brains, tripes, everything.......Well, everything but beets, that is.

So what do you think appeared on the dégustation menu--in not one but TWO courses? Yes, ladies and gentlemen...beets. Batterave en gélée (Beet Gelly) and Batterave Rôti in a crust of Sel Gris from Bretagne (which is his specialty). I tried a bit of each, but really couldn't finish. Beets have this distinctive aftertaste that reminds me of a taste you get in your mouth after a dip in a swimming pool, Chlorine in other words.

To look on the bright side, now I won't ever to eat beets again, ever. Friends always encouraged me to try their beet recipes or dishes, claiming this or that would be the dish that changed my mind. Not wanting to offend them, I often obliged. No longer. Now I can tell them if Alain Passard himself couldn't make a beet dish I like, no one else could.

Has this ever happened to you? Especially those of you who claim not to be a finicky eater (perhaps about McDonald's and such, but not about certain types of food.)

Also, Anyone has offerings for the Food God you can suggest? I think that was a serious sign of bad food karma, and I'd like to rectify it immediately!


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