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Monday, August 18, 2003

marché biologique

I didn't think I'd like Paris in August. I'd managed to avoid it until now, but I have to say it's wonderful here as usual. Yes it's hot as hell, but I went to my favorite farmer's market on blvd Raspail yesterday morning, and the plentiful summer fruits there changed my mind completely. The Reine Claude were in season, as with everything else pretty much, and they were delightful. My hotel room smells of plums and peaches. How lovely!

I bought so many things I had a hard time carrying them back to my hotel. Half a roasted chicken, loads of fruits, peaches, plums (the Reine Claudes and Questches were the highlight), blueberries, muscat, not to mention the cheese! The plump cheese man was so jolly, he kept handing me all sorts of cheese to taste. I ended up with giant slices of Roblechon and Mimolette Vieille, which was aged longer than the mimolette I'm used to.

I of course didn't forget my favorite gateau d'oignon, it was the first thing I got there actually. I devoured it in one minute, flat, the gateau man was all smile when I said encore svp. :-) It's very easy to find, all you have to do is let your nose lead you to the amazing scent of the onion/potato/cheese cake being fried up at one end of the market.

And we are going to L'Arpège tonight. My tummy is happy. :-)


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