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Monday, September 22, 2003

book deal

with everything that's been going on, I took Hope and Phillip out to Barnes and Nobel as a distraction the other night. Hopie and Phillip are my aunt's grandchildren. They are marvelous kids.

We came up with a deal. I bought them any books they wanted. As a condition they must finish those books by a deadline we picked, otherwise they would have to pay me back for those books.

We had such a great time choosing books. I picked two for Phillip, 1984 and the Life of Pi. He picked the Da Vinci code for himself, well with a nudge from me. He's 15, it's time he reads 1984, and the Life of Pi should be very interesting for someone who's been in a Catholic shool all his life. For Hopie I chose the Little Prince, and she chose two Sharon Creech(?) book for herself.

We'll see if the kids kept their end of the deal.


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