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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Another day, another fantastic meal at the Tayyab

Met with Tony, Fahro, Vanessa, Bapi, Robin, Simon and Gary Marshall tonight for another fabulous meal at the Tayyab.

Fahro did the ordering, as usual, and I was happy to see that the first plates that landed on our table had big piles of lamb chops on them. I had to fight those guys for them though, they were ferocious!

The selection of curries and breads were also superb. How Wasim can pull off a meal like this while charging peanuts is beyond me.

By the end of the night Bapi gave me a new name “the diminutive and ferocious lamb chop eating machine that is Pim”. I like him.:-)

Robin, Simon and I went over to St.John Bread and Wine in front of Spitafield market for a night cap. But of course my version of night cap included something sweet. I had a dessert of pear sorbet which was served with a shot of vodka. Fantastic.

Robin pulled a Mr.Hyde act tonight. Normally he is this very nice and quiet person, letting everyone think that Simon was the nasty one of the two. We have all been fooled, I tell you.


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