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Saturday, December 27, 2003

I told you they were nice people.

So, I hadn't started a war after all. Yishay posted another response to Imshin's post, this time after the heat in his mind had cooled down. He even called himself a dickhead, which was funny because it could not be farther from the truth.

Imshim posted a very nice note in response to my post about having started a blog war. She said..

Pim feels bad about having maybe started a blog war, almost single-handedly. Quite the contrary! You instigated a dialogue - between two opposing points of view, for one thing, and also between Imshin and herself, for another. That can't be bad.

I told you, they were nice people, really.

I remember one of the first things I noticed about Imshin and her blog was that she had an old Buddhist saying “This too shall pass.” on the header of her blog.

That sentence is my absolute favorite mantra. I remind myself of it all the time. It is a great help when I am consumed with sadness, by gently reminding me that my sorrow shall not remain forever.

I am also working on keeping it in mind even at the height of my happiness. This too shall pass, you know?


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