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Monday, January 26, 2004

Chez Pim in German?

Life is full of delightful surprises in Blogosphere.

Looking through my log of the last week I found a few referrals to Chez Pim from an unfamiliar IP address, so I went to look.

To my surprise, I found a link to me on this oddly named German blog, Itadakimas. It is odd because the blog is in German, but "itadakimas" is what one says before chowing in Japan. Looking closer on the blog I also found some Japanese posts, and some links to Chinese teas and Japanese food sites.

My favorites are definitely this delightful Japanese home cooking blog called, Yasuko-san's Home Cooking, and a couple of photo blogs of bento boxes, Bento Moblog, and Today's Bento.

The recipes on Itadakimas look so yummy, unfortunately they are almost entirely in German. Perhaps it's time I learn some German. Who knows, it may come in handy sometimes, no?


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