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Friday, January 09, 2004

On my way home

Or is it, on my way from home. I'm a bit confused. Oh well I'm on my way back to San Francisco, that's for sure.

United is putting me through quite a journey, commencing at an ungodly hour today in Bangkok, stopping once in Taipei (of which United ticket office failed to inform me at booking time!), now transiting in Soul. This journey will take me through Seattle before I finally arrive in the city by the bay.

Thailand has been great fun, with bits of profound melancholy sprinkled in for good measure.

A day wild goose-chasing in Chinatown with Fahro's niece. A day with one of my best friends, Nokkie whom I've known since we were five years old, shopping in the bedlam that was the Jatujak flea market and Or Tor Gor food market. Another day spent alone deep in the labyrinth of the grand palace, out of reach of tourists, searching for the well-hidden Royal Goldsmith's workshop, successfully, I might add. Many days spent in the kitchen playing with food with relatives and old cooks. Many a great meal at various restaurants, on the kitchen floors of friends' and relatives' houses. Collected enough good karma from multiple visits to temples to last me an entire year, at least. My two younger twin nephews calling me auntie for the first time. Fabulous times.

I've been so busy I've had practically no time to blog. I've been taking notes in my little notebook though. I promise to de-analog-ize them and turn them into blogs very very soon.


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