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Saturday, February 14, 2004

eG Food Blog: dinner Feb.13. Adventure in German dining

I was here for dinner Friday night. A small home style cafe in Heidelberg. It was a nice little place that had the look of old fashioned Germany. Well, what do I know about old time Germany, but that's what Thomas said. I really liked it though, the room was very cozy, with old wooden tables and mismatched chairs. The place was utterly devoid of tourists, but was populated with locals and people who looked like old professors and (somewhat) mad scientists from the university.

Schmalzbrot, rye bread served with lard and dried onion. I wasn't a big fan of this one, actually. I was intrigued, but found the lard tasted too much of, well, lard.

Kartoffel-Kohl-Auflauf, a casserole of potatos and cabbage with bechamel sauce topped with cheese. It was decidedly stinky, and looked sort of ugly, but was absolutely delicious!


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