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Friday, February 13, 2004

eG Food Blog: Plane food and 1st meal in Heidelberg

This has been quite a long day.

It began this morning with a mad rush to the airport, I'm off to visit Thomas and to see Marie-ève and Lucas in Germany and France. I was famished, so I stoped at Ebisu at SFO International Terminal and had a Tonkatsu Bento box. It was surprisingly inoffensive, and definitely much better than the other Japanese place (whose name I forgot) by Gate 94.

Then it was on to security check, where I had to take off my most impractical tall pointy-toed black leather boots. Oh well, at least I looked tres chic. I had a couple hours to wait at the United Lounge, with some light refreshments. A piece of cookie from the boulangerie on Pine st., a cup of Castleton Darjeeling, OJ, and tasty dried persimmons.

Unfortunately the food they served in Business Class, though better presented, tasted pretty much as bad as what's in economy. The appetizer, a salad, some parma ham and smoked salmon was somewhat edible, but the entree of bacon wrapped shrimps, rice pilaf and tomato sauce was really bad. I left it prety much untouched.

Luckily, I brought along some Montgomery Cheddar and Pleasant Ridge Reserve I bought from Cowgirl Creamery the other day.
Now THESE are real food.

Those cheeses sent me happily slumbering pretty much until the plane arrived in Frankfurt. Right before we landed, while other passengers made do with icky breakfast (with particularly oily and yucky looking croissants), I was merrily munching on the rest of my cheese, and finished everything but the rind just in time for the landing.

Just a bit over and hour later, I was safely installed at a beautiful flat overlooking the river and the castle in Heidelberg. The fridge was filled to the brim with fantastic food, grâce à Thomas. Though I was quite full from the cheese breakfast on the plane, I just had to have another breakfast.

The bread is called Kürbiskernbrot, a lovely dense German pumpkin seed bread. I had two slices with butter and an amazingly fragrant raw forest honey. It was fantastic. There were also some nice Prosciutto and Leberwurst (Liverwurst), so I had to have some of those too. Also, if you looked closely in the photo, you'd see a crumbled plastic wrapping, which was what remained of the Luc Perac Perail cheese after I had my way with it. And too keep me awake and half functioning through the day was a great mug of strong European coffee.

And, as if I hadn't had enough to eat already in the last 24 hour period, I'm off now to find some nice German food for dinner.


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