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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

eG Food Blog: This was not a good day for food

I was so busy today as it was my last day at work this week, I hardly had anytime to get food. So, lunch was bought from the normally-not-to-be-found-dead-in cafeteria. The food lived up to my expectation. The salad I got today, southern fried chicken and organic greens with candied walnuts, was utterly vile. It looked inoffensive enough, but trust me, it tasted like the cook dipped each and everyone of those greens in syrup before tossing them in the dressing.

Adding insult to injury, the rice crispy treats were tainted the most repugnant shade of pink, in honor of Valentine's day, apparently. I don't know how anyone could mess up rice crispy treats, I mean, which part of "melt some marshmallows and add some Rice Crispies" did they not understand. Needless to say, it even worse than it looked.


I just made it home after a very long day at the office. No time to make dinner, so I went to grab some quick things at Whole Foods. Well, those bits and pieces were inoffensive enough. Here's what they looked like.

Oh well, I guess even a food snob can have a low day, huh?


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