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Monday, February 09, 2004

eGullet Food Blog, 1st installment

Good morning everyone. It appears Melkor hoodwinked me into taking the eGullet Food Blog duty this week. This is good and bad, actually. This week is going to be somewhat more interesting than my normally uneventful week, which is the good part, of course. The bad part is that this is not an accurate portrayal of my eating life, by any means, which could be seen as defeating the purpose of this blog. Oh well, Melkor knew this when he tagged me.

This week, I will be at home, in San Francisco, from Monday to Wednesday, and will travel to Heidelberg and Strasbourg for a few days afterwards.

So, this food blog will take you from my comparatively mundane existence in San Francisco, to exploring the exciting world of airline and airport food, to devouring assorted wurst and Bitburger in the cold in Heidelberg, and to perhaps a more refined French culinary scene of Strasbourg. This might be fun, no?

Breakfast today looks like this

A bowl of latte, a glass of orange juice, a slice of toast with butter and jam, a bowl of yogurt with a dollop of jam in it.

The latte is homemade, from Francis! Francis! X5, using Illy espresso pod (yes, I am a pod person). I'm not sure if Melkor will approve of my foam though. The bread is Delle Frattoria's Pain Intégral, bought at the ferry plaza farmer's market on Saturday. The butter is Strauss Family Creamery lightly salted butter. I always use salted butter to eat out of hand, unsalted is, to me, only for cooking. The jam, or ahem, confiture, is from the grande dame of confitures, Christine Ferber. The one on the bread today is Reine Claude d'Alsace, the dollop in the Strauss Yogurt is Framboises d'Alsace et Violette. (Hmm, I just noticed that I use two jams from Alsace this morning, perhaps I'm already unconsciously prepping myself for the trip). The Yogurt is Strauss Family Creamery organic whole milk plain yogurt. I never buy flavored yogurt, preferring to use my own jams to flavor it. This gives me more variety and also a chance to control the level of sweetness to my own taste.

And for those of you who're wondering, no I don't eat like this every day. But, no, I'm not doing this to make my blog interesting, well, not entirely, anyway. I'm working from home this morning, and this is usually what my breakfast is like when I work from home. I live in SF, my office is in San Jose, which, for those of you who're not in this area, is 45 miles (72 km) away. I also work a lot with teams from different time zones, resulting in many conference calls commencing at ungodly hours in the morning. When this happens, instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to get to the office, I just stay home and call into the meetings in my pajamas. (TMI?)


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