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Thursday, February 12, 2004

My girl Louisa!

I'm taking a break from regular Food Blog programming on Chez Pim to tell you something exciting. I found out today that my friend Louisa in Paris has got a blog.

Why should you be interested, you ask?

Well, if you're at all interested in my meager food knowledge espoused here chez moi, you'd be mad not to read the real stuff over at Louisa's blog Food, France, Now.

This girl is great, not to mention gutsy, I tell you. A while ago she just decided to just drop her regular job and went over to France to go to the Cordon Bleu, and have since staged (interned) at Alain Ducasse, Robuchon, not to mention her up coming few months at El Bulli. She's building up quite an impressive resume, fantastic really.

If I were you I would blogroll her. Now. That's what I'm doing after I'm done blogging this.


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