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Sunday, February 15, 2004

eG Food Blog: Feb.15

Breakfast today was much like the last two days, so I didn't take a picture.

I was invited to lunch today with a friend's family. They live in a city in Germany, only about two kilometers from the French border. The area has changed hands so many times between France and Germany, the last change was not too many decades ago, that the food, the language, and the people are pretty much bi-cultural.

The scene at the house was slightly surreal, I must admit. A Thai girl visiting a German family, but we were all speaking French because that was the language that everyone, including the 70 yr.old grand-mère, spoke. In fact, the grand-mère could speak so many languages, French, German, Italian, Spanish, even a bit of English, and she kept using whichever language that came first to her mind. At one point she said, "I enseigne con flauta", one sentence, four words, in four languages. How fantastic was that?

We had lunch at a local restaurant named Canapé. Just like everything else in that area, the restaurant was a mix of French and German food, even with a bit of Italian pasta thrown in for good measure.

We started with a salad of frisee, lettuce, dandelion, and a healthy heap of lardon, in a creamy herb dressing. It was very good.

The next course was a sorbet of lemon, in champagne. How indulgent! Absolutely delicious.

Next was grilled mullet in langoustine sauce, served with fettucini. Someone translated the name of the fish from German for me as river bass, so I ordered it. When it arrived, I was surprised to see mullet, or rouget in French. If I had known that it was mullet, I probably wouldn't have ordered it, as I found mullet this far from the sea slightly dubious. Luckily the fish turned out quite fresh, and the sauce delicious.

I also stole a few bites of this rack of lamb in rosemary sauce.

The dessert was house-made vanilla icecream and strawberries. Yes, I know what you're thinking, strawberries in February! (roll eyes) The icecream was good though.

And of course, a proper espresso to end the meal.

We drank a bottle of local Reisling, whose name I forgot to take down.

For dinner, we drove around Heidelberg looking for scarywurst (I'll tell you all about it later), but couldn't find it so we ended up at a Thai semi-take out place. Thomas showed it to me for fun, as it was considered the best and most authentic Thai place in all of Heidelberg. It looked pretty good, in fact, so, on a dare, I decided to eat dinner there. We split two dishes, Gai Pad Kra-pow (chicken an holy basil) and Gang Pa Talay (Jungle curry with seafood).


They weren't too bad, really, but the Pad Kra-pow had to much dark chinese soy sauce in it, so it tasted a little muddy. Both the dishes were spicy as hell, even for me.


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