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Sunday, April 18, 2004

My blog is (almost) burning! Madeleine au Citron

I didn't want to let another IMBB go without participating, so here's my little contribution.

I went through a Madeleine Madness period last year, during which I baked batch after batch of Madeleine and came up with my own recipe. Recently someone tried the recipe and sent me a rave review of it. He also would like to know if I had a recipe for a lemon-scented Madeleine. I am posting that recipe here in honor of Cake Walk. This is a variation of my original recipe, minus the tea, instead using lemon zest for a delightfully lemony perfume.

Madeleine au Citron, à ma façon
200 g. Pastry flour
5 eggs
120 g. granulated sugar
160 g beurre noisette
10 g. soft butter, for greasing the mold
80 g. liquid honey. If your honey has crystallized, just warm it in the microwave for 20 sec.
Zest from 1 large or two small lemon

Follow the instruction from the original recipe, but skip the tea infusion. Also, add lemon zest to the egg mixture toward the end of the beating.

Voilà, lemon Madeleine. Enjoy.


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