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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Psaltis at TFL! Surely you jest, chef Keller?

The foodie world is abuzz with an intriguing development. Doug Psaltis, formerly of Alain Ducasse's Mix in NY, will soon take up the post of Chef de Cuisine at The French Laundry.

A Ducasse protégé in chef Keller's kitchen, how intriguing indeed! The two styles could not be more different. Ducasses cuisine is luxe ingredients on top of super luxe ingredient, while Keller's is, well, The French Laundry. (Need I say more?) I can see chef Keller allowing the most humble of ingredients to take a starring role, while chez Ducasse it must first be dipped in truffle juice or rolled in Osetra caviar.

And before my girl Lou jumps all over me for dissing her Ducasse, I must say that this is not by any means a criticism. I am merely pointing out the difference, as I see it, between the two styles. And for all its worth, this is not to put down Doug Psaltis either. I've never had his food, but I know Ducasses's cuisine from his place at the Plaza Athénee.

This is a curious development indeed. I can't wait to give his food a try.


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