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Thursday, September 16, 2004

back in Paris

Just arrived about an hour ago. Paris is beautiful today, summer lingers still. I'm about to go outside a bit to get some sun, but not before arranging some dinner plans, of course.

So far I've managed a plan tonight with Maurice and Pierre, at Le Repaire de Cartouche, another old favorite that I haven't been back to in over a year. I also have another plan with Maurice, this time also with Akiko and Marc who are in town this weekend from London.

Keeping my fingers crossed about Gagnaire, I am on la liste d'attente for Sunday--when will I ever learn that trying to book a table chez Pierre Gagnaire three days in advance is NOT a good idea!?! Well, someone has put in a good word for me so hopefully a table will materialize in time...


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