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Saturday, September 18, 2004

having far too much fun

I am really having far too much fun in Paris. I arrived early enough on Thursday to have a splendid day walking all the way from Montparnasse over to the Marais for some lovely tea at Mariage Frères in the company of the incomparable Maurice. Then we went to Pierre's house to have a little apéritif and afterwards a dinner at Le Repaire de Cartouche. Despite starting the meal at "American time" (read: early enough so I could wake up to catch my 7am train to Renne), we had far too much fun chatting that we didn't leave the restaurant until past 11pm!

Then Friday started out with two really great meetings (even greater for the fact that I didn't have to trek out to Renne for them after all), and back to the hotel for a few precious hours of nap before heading out to a solo dinner at 9 at the fantastic Le Meurice. I will have to tell you all about that meal later--suffice to say now that I really expect Yannick Alleno to have his third star next year--and not just for his looks ;-)

After the dinner I was off to see Adrian and his friend Austen at the best bar in Paris--if not the world--the Hemingway at the Ritz. That little jaunt to the Hemingway was supposed to be for a short little after dinner digestif before heading off to bed, but in the company of the hilarious twosome Adrian and Austen, and in the capable hands of "the Best Bar Man in the World" Collin and his fantastic crew, somehow I managed to stay out until 5.30 in the morning! Good thing today is a saturday!

I'm going off now for a restorative bowl of pho at my favorite Vietnamese dive in Paris--the best cure for far too much food/booze/smoke that I know--all for about 5 euro a pop. And I know I would love it just as much as the Le Meurice dinner last night. Good food is good food, no matter at what price.


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