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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Live from El Bulli, my girl Louisa is back in the game!

I'm running around like mad today but I have to take a minute to tell you that Louisa's blog is back online. The new name is Movable Feast: Diary of an Itinerant Chef and she is now blogging live from El Bulli.

Yes, that El Bulli. You would be mad not to check it out.

She's staging there until the end of the season, after which she will move on back to Paris to work for Jean-François Piège at Les Ambassadeurs.

I want her life. I so do.

I'm now off to pack, leaving for Paris tomorrow, and then London, and back here in time for my birthday party. I guess my life isn't bad either. I still want hers though. :-)


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