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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

For whom the bell tolls

(Taking a short leave from my usual frivolity..)

For whom the bell tolls?
Well, for one, it was my dear friend Jaybee who had this to say, in response to a well-meaning suggestion that he, being securely in the top 0.1% income bracket, should not fret so by the prospect of four more years of the Bush autocracy:

The bell that is tolling for Bush's policies that deprive the poor, that bully the weak, that enrich the wealthy, that erode civil rights, that despoil the environment, that degrade America's morality in the prison camps of Bush's creation, that bell tolls for me. It darkens my life, restricts my liberty and depresses my pursuit of happiness.

I heart Jaybee.
And you, can you hear it now?

(back now to my frivolously scheduled programming..)


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