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Monday, November 01, 2004

3 kilos of what?

CaraibeI crack myself up sometimes. I really do. What am I going to do with 3 kilos of Vahlrona Caraïbe chocolate? I just can't stop giggling about this. What the heck am I going to do with 3 kilos of chocolate? And, why have I found myself in this enviable position, you asked? Why..stark raving madness, that's why.

CallebautIt all started innocently enough, a usual Saturday morning call to my friend Chiraz to see when she would be at the farmer's market and if we should meet up for lunch. As it turned out, Chiraz, Markus, and a couple other friends were on their way to the Made in France warehouse sale. Made in France is a local importer of food items from - you guessed it - France. Their monthly warehouse sales are a favorite shopping destination for the local european expat community, which includes my dear friends, the Frenchie Chiraz and another German boy Markus - and that's Mar-koos to you and me.

ValrhonaboxesSo - yes, innocently enough - I let my friends take me there, only to find myself lost in blissful Nirvana in the chocolate isle. 5-kilo bars of couverture chocolate from Callebaut, massive boxes of various types of Valrhona chocolates, and Côte d'Or bars - to which anyone who spent any part of their childhood in Europe is undoubtedly addicted - all laid out as far as the eyes could see.

It was dizzying.
It was intoxicating.
It was pure madness.

I had visions: pain au chocolat, fondant au chocolat, soufflé chocolat, pot de crème, truffes.
I had trouble staying on my feet.
I must get me some chocolate.

I first grabbed a 1-kilo block of Valrhona's Noir Gastronomie. Yes, innocently enough those 1 kilo blocks. I get them all the time. A Fondant au Chocolat or two - or three - and it's over.

Then my eyes wondered along the isle and landed on massive bags of Caraïbe. They have 66% cocoa butter content, compared to mere 61% of the Gastronomie. Only Guanaja and Araguani, at 70% and 72% respectively, have higher cocoa butter content.

FevesBut the final push, the final push that nudged me the last inch, completely off the edge of sanity: the 3-kilo bag of Caraïbe came in the "fèves" form, that is to say in little bitty discs instead of the usual behemoth block. Anyone who has tried to chop up a large amount of chocolate would understand my pain. I hate doing it. These little fèves eliminate the need to chop or break up large blocks of chocolate before melting or cooking.

I had to have it, the bag, the 3-kilo bag. I am not entirely sure what to do with a 3-kilo bag full of little bite-size chocolate discs, but now I have it. I had to have it and I did.

Now, help? Recipes? Suggestions? Therapists? I need help!


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