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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

All is now lost

NPR just reported that Kerry has conceded by placing the phone call to you know who -I can't even bring myself to say his name.

All is now lost.

I can hardly believe how American I've become, and how I have genuinely come to care about the future of my adopted home. And now I can't believe how incredibly sad, how utterly drained, and how completely hopeless I feel. I am far too emotional to have anything intelligent to say now, so I will leave you with what my friend M. has eloquently put it elsewhere:

"A state of shock. Drained. Yet, almost a sense of calm.
The US is lost. The vote today was for the Empire over the Republic. For intolerance over understanding. For war over compassion.
Now begins the dark days. Civil rights will be increasing encroached. Free speech eroded. Political opposition marginalized. The fundamentalists will consolidate their power and extend it to the Supreme Court.
First, they enslaved a race. Now, they have enslaved us all."


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