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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

2004 Food Blog Awards

Kate over at The Accidental Hedonist --apparently upset that the Bloggies has no particular category for food blogs-- created the 2004 Food Blog Awards. I agree with her, we food bloggers are probably one of the most lively communities in blogosphere, so I don't see why we are excluded.

She taking nominations now. So far, Chez Pim has been nominated in five categories (6 now, actually, see postscripts below):
Best Overall Food Blog
Best Post (for A Perfect Paris Afternoon and the Tale of two Ispahans)
Best Food Blog Writing
Best Food Blog: City
Best Site Design (which I think I should be disqualified because I was heavily helped by Typepad Templates, to tell the truth.)

But wow, I am really touched. Thank you everyone. If you haven't had your say, by the way, get over there and check it out.

PS. As of now, 12/10 9am PST, Chez Pim has been nominated in the sixth category, Best Food Blog: Restaurant Reviews. Now I am really floored. Thanks again.

The complete list of categories:


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