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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Addiction: Gianduja Cream

AddictionThe last time I was in London Vanessa gave me a jar of Guido Gobino Gianduja Cream to take home with me. It has been sitting quietly in the cupboard, almost forgotten, until just this weekend. I discovered it while searching for a snack when I woke up this morning.

I used to love Nutella, I grew up eating Nutella on toast, crèpes, fingers, anything. I am not eating much Nutella anymore, especially the ones made in America, because I am trying not to have any High Fructose Corn Syrup and Partially Hydrogenated Oil in my diet.

My local Rainbow grocery carries an organic Nutella substitute called Nocciolata, which is acceptable though just a little too sweet and has a weird oily scent. So, obviously, I am not a big fan, and have been feeling deprived of my favorite hazelnut spread.

Well, all of that changed this morning when I broke open the jar of Gianduja Cream dear V. gave me. It smelled like freshly roasted hazelnuts, and tasted even more heavenly. I was delighted. The jar said that it is made with sugar, Piedmont Hazelnuts, powdered whole milk, powdered cocoa, vegetable oil, and vanilla. No hydrogenated oil, and none of those nasty corn syrup thing.

The only problem is I simply couldn't stop eating it! I have a package of breadsticks from Whole Foods, and have been dipping those sticks into it, sort of like a do-it-yourself Pocky, except with far superior ingredients. I just finished the entire box, and now all I could think is, it's only a quarter past 9, I've got 45 minutes yet before Whole Foods is closed. I could still get more of them sticks...



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