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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Once a geek,

...always a geek, I suppose.

Despite all the appearances to the contrary --you know, the little black dress and the Louboutins and the little hops around Paris and all that-- I am still such a geek at heart.

This morning I checked my mailbox and found an email from a Cog Sci list (Cognitive Science to all you non-geeks) I've been on since grad school, announcing a new seminar on Cognitive Modeling. Reportedly a vote had been taken and this one beat out Connectionist Psycholinguistics as a topic.

And all I could think was ooh ooh both of them sound like so much fun.

Dear me. Well, I'm off now to cook myself some nice Matsutake Gohan --a very sweet person gave me a small box full of those sublime fungi just the other day-- and yes, yes I promise I won't watch MacGyver on Stargate SG1 tonight. Promise.

MatsutakegohanMatsutake Gohan recipe, serves 2

1 cup Japanese short grain rice
1 cup dashi
1 tsp premium soy sauce
as much Matsutake as you could afford, I put about 75 g. into mine, sliced thinly (Well, actually, about 40-50 g per cup of rice will do.)

Cook everything in a rice cooker until done. Eat immediately, the amazing fragrance would not hang around forever. Itadakimatsu.


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