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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami help, Forensic experts needed

Please help me spread the words.

Forensic experts in race against time, call for help.

Dr.Pornthip Rojanasuand and a team of Forensic experts from the Central Forensic Institute in Bangkok are racing against time in collecting DNA/hair samples of unidentified bodies before burial or cremation. She has vowed to not let a single body be cremated or buried without proper DNA collection for further identification.

The sheer number of bodies in various states of decay have made their task all but impossible. The team has issued calls for help to forensic specialists from outside the country. So far, a team of specialists from the United Kingdom has answered the call for help.

Please let me know if you are a forensic specialist and would like to offer help.
edited 1/12/05: Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to this plea for help. The Thai government has just decided to forward the rest of the forensic identification work to the Interpol, please contact them if you would like to volunteer your expertise. Thank you again for all the offers to help. I am forever grateful.


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