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Friday, January 07, 2005

2004 Food Blog Awards and the new category on the Bloggies

Thanks to your votes and your support, Chez Pim has received the 2004 Food Blog Awards in the Restaurant Reviews category. I am so honored, particulary to be in the field of such distinguished finalists. Chez Pim has been a never-ending source of gratification and of much, much gratitude. I am very happy to continue on this road, and ever so obliged to everyone who has helped see me through this joyous journey. I am curious to see where it will lead.

A big thank you as well for Kate at the Accidental Hedonist for creating the awards, which perhaps are partially responsible for this year's Bloggies' newest category: Food Blog. How exciting! They are taking nominations now. Please go and nominate your favorite food blogs. (You must nominate at least 3 different blogs or you ballot will not be counted.) Food blogs are among the most vibrant of blog communities, so I am very happy to see that Bloggies have now taken notice of us. And one more thing, there is no reason why we need to limit ourselves to the Food Blog category, nominate away, at least this time you could be sure your votes count for something!


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