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Friday, January 06, 2006

A foodie's guide to missing a flight at SFO

HkflowerloungeAs any self respecting foodie who missed her flight at SFO yesterday, I knew just what to do. Hong Kong Flower Lounge. That's what.

So that's what we ended up doing. After a midnight rush back to Santa Cruz from my place in the city to fecth my passport, we found ourselves yesterday morning at SFO two hours after we were supposed to because of a bit of confusion over the flight time change. PizzettanightNo more flights to Mexico that day, we were to wait until the next day, this morning, to go there.

What to do, well, instead of going 101 North up to the city, we went South for about a mile, took the Milbrae exit and less than a mile away at 51 Milbrae Ave is one of the best dim sum houses in the SF Bay Area.

Then for dinner back in the city, we had a simple but wonderful pizza at Pizzetta 211. Three pizzas and a salad and an apple/ginger cake later, we got home, full and ready for another try at SFO. Keep your fingers crossed for us?

And while you are at it, perhaps you'll drop by the Accidental Hedonist and vote for Chez Pim's Truffle Don post, which has been nominated for the Best Post: Reader's Choice on this year's Food Blog Award. Thank you thank you thank you.


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