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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Five things people don't know about me

5things Bea Bee at Rasa Malaysia tagged me for this meme. I'm not really good with memes usually, and this one is particularly difficult. It's a meme called Five Things People Don't Know About Me. You can imagine where the difficulty is, can't you? Having kept a blog somewhat consistently for the past four, five years, I'm not sure there are five things that people don't know about me. Well, let me rephrase myself: I'm not sure if there are five things people still don't know that I particularly want them to know. Now you see my point?

But a meme is a meme. You either do it or skip it altogether, no amending it or anything. So let's see what I can come up with. Five things you might not know about me. Here I go.

1. I was a cheerleader in High School. Yeah. Embarrassing, isn't it? Not a very good one even. And, no, I didn't keep the uniform.

2. I'm a sci-fi channel geek. You didn't suspect that, did you? And I'm not just a fan of Galactica, even. Everyone with their head screwed on right is a fan of Galactica. (Ok I exaggerated, no hate mails, ok? I'm sure your head is screwed, um, on, quite properly even if you're not a Galactica fan.) I am such a Sci-Fi channel geek I even adore, just adore Stargate SG-1.

3. My favorite city (besides San Francisco, where I consider home) is London. You'd think Paris, wouldn't you, from the many trips I've chronicled here, and being that I am typing this very post in Paris. But, no, it's London, actually. Paris is just a tryst -an exciting and exhilarating one, mind you, but a tryst nonetheless. It's London that is love.

4. I. Hate. Beetroots. Ok, that may be a common enough knowledge around here. But I was just at a restaurant recently where I was served a main meat course, a gorgeous plate of Venison, that was so contaminated with beet juice and beet purée that I could not take a bite. And then after the meal the chef came out to say hi and commented about how interesting to see the rest of my face (normally obscured by the coffee cup on top of the blog.) So obviously he read, or at least had seen, the blog. Yet apparently, the fact that I-Hate-Beetroots isn't evident enough. So here I am again. Telling you. I. Hate. Beets.

5. Last one, and it's a good one. My (soon not to be) secret (and yet unrealized) foodie wish is to be a guest judge on Iron Chef America, definitely sitting next to Jeffrey Steingarten, on whom I've carried on a peculiar sort of crush depuis longtemps. Pick the right battle and I might even out snide Jeffrey. As long as it's not a Battle Beetroot, ok?


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