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Friday, February 09, 2007

Get with the program, Pim!

Well, I was all proud of myself for actually following through on a meme someone tagged me. But then I got her name wrong, as she so graciously corrected me in the comment section. So, folks, it's actualy the lovely Bee of Rasa Malaysia, not Bea. Her name is Bee, like the buzzing beezie bees.

Adding insult to injury, I forgot that I had to also tag five people. That's how memes get around, you see, you get tagged by someone and then you tag a few more people. Sort of like a Ponzi scheme except without the witless investors. So I've got the get with the program here. Pardon my blond moment and let me tag the first five bloggers who left comments on my Five Things meme post.

Take it away...
My Husband Cooks (No, no my husband, I am quite happily living in sin thanks much. It's the name of a blog.)
Casey Ellis, who doesn't have a blog per se, but she has a website where she writes about food, so she can write about this meme!
Ester Kitchen (C'est à toi, Ester. Tu peux le faire en Français ou Anglais, comme tu veux -ça me gêne pas de tout!)
Cooking with Amy, Amy and I are good friends so she's got to work to find five things I don't know about her.
One Food Guy, take it dude.


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