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Sunday, February 03, 2008

a (short) love letter to Lynn Rosetto Kasper

Lrk As heard today on the Splendid Table:

"Take a pound of garlic, don't even peel it, just get rid of the dirt and the roots. Crush it in the food processer, stuff it inside a duck, a goose, or a chicken. Leave it in the fridge over night. And then, roast the bird, very slowly, with that garlic inside of it. Now, you're not going to eat the garlic, you're going to throw it out, but you're going to have a bird that's so beautifully perfumed, subtly, with garlic. It's just a little trick, but it's got that hearty, lush flavor you need in the winter." (roughly transcribed)

A pound of garlic to subtly perfume a bird! I'm in love. I mean, I loved the show before but now I am head-over-heel IN LOVE.

If you don't live in America you may not have heard of Lynn Rosetto Kasper, the host of Public Radio's The Splendid Table. She has such a way with describing food on that show. In her voice food is not just beautifully delicious, but bee-YOO-ti-fully DEE-LI-cious. This must be what food porn sounds like. She often has interesting people on the show: the one I heard today included David Kamp, the author of The United States of Arugula, talking about his interview with the Japanese chef who invented the California Roll, and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, talking about his book, Sound Bites, about eating while on tour, among others.

The best part of the show for me is when regular people call in with random food questions and Lynn just riffs off these recipes - like Ella Fitzgerald scatting, except this is food. You take a loin of pork, she'd say,...and you do this to it...and add that...and cook it this way...and be careful with that thing - improvising and relishing it as she goes along. You can practically taste her words. It's just marvelous. It's radio at its best. And, as I'd like to think, Lynn at her best.

I'm in love. Now, let me go see about that pound of garlic...

(Picture swiped from her website.)

P.S. Here's the link to the podcast for those who can't listen in on the radio.


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