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Friday, April 04, 2008

Pebble Beach and the circus tent: part II


The key to navigating the tents, for me, was staying focused.  When it comes to food, I only tasted what looked really good to me.  It also helps to plot a progression of the meal, don't eat a bite of savory and then another of sweet--there was no booth for Tums, as least not as far as I knew.


Luckily there were more than enough interesting stuff to try here.  I spied Hubert Keller pouring something into little shooter cups, so I had to grab one.  It was great, a zesty white gazpacho with vanilla oil.  There was one more soup that I loved, a silky avocado soup with crab meat hidden at the bottom of the bowl.  What a lovely surprised from Keiko Takahashi of El Paseo in Mill Valley.


Moving on to desserts, Ben Spungin of Bernadus made cute little dacquoise made with wild hazelnut topped with chocolate ganache.  Ben is also a master of chocolate tempering.  He gave me a tiny box of filled chocolates showing off his master work.  Unfortunately they were all gone in less than five minutes!


..and the loveliest dessert, of course, came from our own Kendra Baker of Manresa, who made rhubarb and young coconut parfait, with crunchy puff millets.  Delicious and refreshing, I loved it.

I'm sure Elizabeth Faulkner did something quite fabulous too, but by the time I got to her section everything was already gone. 

Part III, the wines, coming later today.


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