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Thursday, December 17, 2009

UW05: marmalade, and book, for hope?


Here's my personal offer for the Menu for Hope raffle in support of the World Food Programme: six jars of Chez Pim artisan marmalade and jam, plus a signed copy of my new book, The Foodie Handbook: the (almost) definitive guide to gastronomy (bid item code UW05).  I'm sure you've heard of the book, but many of you might not know that I also make marmalade and jam.  That's probably because I only make small tiny batches at a time.  I have them up for sale on my Etsy shop about twice a year, and usually sold out a couple days after the shop has been stocked.  Some of them are even sold on futures, that's to say spoken for before they're made! 

UW05 The marmalades are my pride and joy.  They're made from rare, exotic citrus grown sustainably in the hills of Watsonville, California.  Each small batch is handmade from a single varietal to preserve its own distinct qualities, adding only minimally refined organic sugar, and using the pectin naturally extracted from citrus - because commercial pectin is only for the timid.  The jams, also my favorites, are made in much the same artisan manners - with heirloom fruits grown in the local area.  No pectin in these either. 

I'm offering a selection of six jars, with marmalades (mostly haven't been made yet) and jams from the summer.  I promise you'll love them. Make yourself some toasts, spread them with good butter and my jam or marmalade, then snuggle up with the book for a cozy Sunday morning in.  

Go ahead and get to the spiffy new donation form to donate and good luck on the raffle!


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