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Tuesday, February 06, 2001

A great idea if I've

A great idea if I've ever heard of one.

Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times has a fabulous idea which has become a national project. Presidents' Day will be on February 19th. If you each make a donation, however small, to a pro-choice organization they will send a card to President Bush saying: "President Bush, a Donation has been made in your name to Planned Parenthood."

The onslaught of cards will help him realize how many American men and women respect a woman's
right to choose. Additionally your check will help Planned Parenthood withthe *many* good services they offer.

Grab a checkbook and send a check (in whatever amount you wish--no amount is too small) to a Planned Parenthood office. Either look up the local address, or simply go to plannedparenthood.com and donate there. Make sure and specify "President's Day Project".


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