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Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Read this on BBC news:

Read this on BBC news:

The state of Utah has made a critical decision. It has elected to have an official state snack. And not just any snack, but jelly - known in the United States by the commercial name of Jell-O.

Yes, that wobbly, gooey substance much loved at children's birthday parties is now the official snack of the good state of Utah.

This is not a joke.

Apparently the state's capital, Salt Lake City, has earned the dubious distinction of having the highest per capita consumption of Jell-O not only in the US, but in the whole world.

This not without some serious competition. After guzzling its way through gallons of the slithery jelly, Salt Lake City valiantly defeated last year's biggest consumer, Des Moines, Iowa.

Oh yes, someone, somewhere, is recording these important facts.


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