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Thursday, May 01, 2003

This day last year Chris

This day last year Chris and I were yelling Fuck Le Pen in the Place de la Bastille. Remember Le Pen? The guy who said Hitler was misportrayed by history---Hitler wasn't so bad really, dit Jean-Marie, it was those damn Liberal media again!

That was Jacques Chirac lucky day. He won that election merely because the French were horrified by the prospect of having a neo-Facist as their president. Whatever he is, Chirac is no Le Pen.

Chirac's political life was hence spared, barely. This was his last chance and he knew it. Perhaps that had something to do with why Chirac felt that he had to make such a grand stand about opposing the US's war with Iraq. It was his last chance at legacy.

I mean, not that I disagree with him about the war, just that I'm wondering where it all came from.....


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