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Monday, June 23, 2003


I just saw a new TV commercial for Carl's Jr. burger chain. It was so offensive I could hardly believe! I suppose this was a natural progression from all the redneck Freedom Fries stupidity.

It goes something like this:

At Waterloo, the French surrendered.
The Franco-Prussian war, the French surrendered.
In WWII, the French surrendered.
Don't be a Chicken,
Eat one!

This was supposed to promote their Chicken burger. I cannot believe that the bozos at the corporate headquarter actually allowed this to air. What the bloody hell were they thinking? I would tell my friends never to go to Carl's Jr. ever again, but then I don't really know anyone who eats there!

I found this link with addresses and phone numbers where we can voice our outrage. The call for action was set up to protest the abuse of a live chicken during the filming of another TV ads in the same series, but I'm sure the folks at United Poultry Concerns won't mind us making use of their info.

By the way, without the French support, we would still be paying taxes to the Crown. I guess these imbeciles wouldn't know that, would they?


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