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Thursday, November 27, 2003

I'm off again to Europe

Leaving in a few hours, for London, and perhaps Paris. It's Eating London week again, beginning with a party where I will be cooking Thai food, then MVH, then definitely St.John and the New Tayyab. Oh yes and one mustn't forget the big bash at the Sutton Arms. There will be others too, I'm sure. Perhaps Max or Simon will come up with more ideas (hint hint you two.)

I'm hoping I could get out to Paris for a day or two. Castleton été has arrived at Mariage, and I must go acquire my share before it is all over. I also want to go to the couscous place out in Chatillon recommended to me by some Algerian cab drivers! And I think I owe Irène and Jean-Marc a dinner for standing them up at that new place L'Entredgeu last time.

Oh my, so many freinds to see and things to eat, so little time.


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