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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Best/worst food moments of 2003

Best Overall Food Experience: The day trip to Paris from London with Martin, beginning with Robuchon, then for patisserie from Hermé, on to procuring Castleton été at Mariage, and finishing the afternoon with chocolates from Hévin.

Best Food Shopping Moment: Flash-mobbing Borough with the OA crowd.

Most Fun Cooking: In Bangkok with my Aunt Chawiwan. The Thai feast for 16 hungry londoners with Max, Simon, and Vanessa.

Best "I didn't know it could taste like that" dishes: Roasted Woodcock (brain, innards, and all but the feathers) at St.John

Best Restaurant Meal: St.John

Best Overall Restaurant Experience: L'Arpège, malgrès les betteraves.

Best Service: L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, on the third consecutive lunch in August, and Kiss, by Naga-san, as always.

Most Fantastic Discovery: The New Tayyab, The Sutton Arms (now closed, dammit!), St.John

Best homey dessert: Rosie's crumble and custard at the Christmas Party at the Sutton Arms

Best fancy dessert: Ispahan from Pierre Hermé

Worst fancy dessert: Ispahan at Ladurée

Most Bizarre Meal: 66

Most Blah Meal: 66

Most Disappointing Meal: Nahm

Worst Meal: Nahm

Best Compliments:
"Best Overall Food Experience of 2003: Pim's Thai Banquet (by some stretch)", Tony Finch
"When you find the time, will you marry me?", Maurice Naughton


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