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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

How to eat on skis

I put my skis on for the first time in three years last Saturday. It was fan-bloody-tastic.

I knew that I loved to ski, but apparently I had completely forgotten how absolutely exhilarating skiing was. It took going back to the slopes with my trusty old Salomon strapped to my feet to remind me what an unadulterated delight it was to zoom down the slopes. I am going again this weekend.

Not one to let crappy ski lodge's food sully my food snob reputation, I prepared a little pique-nique lunch for the slope. Here's what was in it:

Gourmet Lunch on the slope:
Montgomery Cheddar: $7
Lincolnshire Poacher: $6
Tomme de Savoie: $8
Tomme de Couserans : $7
Acme Sweet Baguette: $2
Bisca (no hydrogenated oil) crackers: $2.50
Roasted Almonds with spiced salt: $3
Odwalla Carrot/Apple/Orange juice: $2.50

Someone who's willing to carry the above items in his backpack for you: PRICELESS


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