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Wednesday, January 28, 2004


The French cabinet just adopted a ban on the wearing of the Hijab in French schools. The bill was introduced for debate, I believed by Chirac, a month or two ago, and the cabinet adopted it into law yesterday. Well, to be fair, I must say the letters of the law ban the wearing of all religious artifacts. But it is common knowledge that it was written to curb the "rise" of Islamic extremism in France--and the particular artifact it aimed to ban is the Hijab.

Jesus (*&%$@^$) Christ! How stupid can people get?

Don't get me wrong, personally, I think organized religion is as useless as a dull knife. But the French government is going much too far here. What the hell happened to the Liberté part of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité?

Isn't freedom to express one's religious belief is just as much a freedom as any other?

Of course, I agree with the Church/State separation here in the US. But individual expression is a different thing. I totally agree that the stupid judge (whatshisname) in South Carolina, who refused to take down the Ten Commandments, rightfully got his ass kicked off the bench. He was in a position of power, and should not be allowed to use it to endorse a religious belief. A little girl wearing a Hijab to school is an entirely different matter, however.

I think it was stupid of the Taliban to have a law requiring the Hijab, but it is just as stupid of the French to ban it.

(stepping down now from the soapbox to get back to blogging about delightfully frivolous things like food.)
P.S. Just came back from Salam's blog, of course he had something to say about this too. As always, he's right on. You may need to scroll down to his blog on Jan.18 to read his "It's-my-right-to-cover-my-head demonstrations" because his Permalink is working a bit oddly.

P.P.S. Actually it wasn't Salam speaking, it was Raed. Oops, sorry Raed. Well, you're right on too!


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