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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Like an orange on a Seder plate


I was invited to a fantastic Seder last night at the home of Allison and Dave.

There was an orange on the Seder plate, which I didn't recall seeing at my previous two Seders.

During the ceremony, it was explained to me that adding an orange on a Seder plate was a new trend. It was apparently inspired by an orthodox rabbi in Israel who, when asked why a woman couldn't be on the altar holding the Torah during a service, replied with a sarcastic comment that "A woman belongs on the bimah as an orange belongs on the Seder plate."

So, feminist jews have taken to adding an orange on a Seder plate as a response to the comment. I love it!

I think one could say the same thing about a Thai girl at a Seder table. Like an orange on a Seder plate.

I am not at all a religious person, an atheist, in fact, but I must admit that I found the rituals very moving. I love the ritual telling of stories, the emphasis on remembrance, and the wonderful prayers to go with the stories. My favorite verse is this "This year, many are still enslaved. Next year, may all be free."

I must say I sucked spectacularly at the the-only-kid-the-only-kid-my-father-bought-for-two-zuzim game though. I barely made it to the third paragraph. Ugh! Next year I will be sure to practice beforehand!

Needless to day, since it's the Melkors we're talking about here, the food was fantastic. Dave roasted what appeared to be a whole side of a cow, and Allison made the most intense flourless chocolate espresso cake and meyer lemon tart with a flourless crust made of pine nuts and almond flour. There was also a lovely apple crumble. They have definitely outdone themselves that night.
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