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Saturday, April 10, 2004

On the road again, and the new IMBB

Life has been absolutely crazy these last couple of weeks. I am running around today trying to finish all sorts of errands before I leave town. Yes, again.

This time I am heading to New York, London, and Paris. All for work, but, I did manage to arrange a few interesting eats along the way.

In New York, Daniel got us a chef's table at Mas. Daniel and the chef are both Bouley alumni so I am sure the meal will be great. Abby will take me to the fabled Kebab Cafe in Queens. Mr.P, who is king at Craft, apparently, will grant me an audience at his court. This is going to be such fun.

In London, the lot of us are going to have a great big bash to celebrate Simon's birthday at Mela. I've seen the menu: it's beyond fantastic. Other destinations in London will surely include the Tayyab, Angel Mangal, Anchor and Hope, and, most importantly, I am getting a piggy, a whole roasted piggy, at St.John. St.John is, hands down, my favorite restaurant in London. There will be fourteen of us and a piggy and a load of other St.John's yummies. I can hardly wait.

I haven't arranged anything in Paris yet, as I'm still uncertain when exactly I will arrive there. Stay tuned, with Maurice and Joe and others in town, I'm sure I'll come up with something fun.

Well, and in between these meals, I will have to find a way to fit in some meetings. After all, this trip is supposed to be about work. hmm..

I also didn't want to leave town without telling you about the latest Is My Blog Burning installment. This time hosted by the lovely Renee of Shiokadelicious. The theme is Cake Walk, and it will be for Sunday April 18th. Unfortunately I'm not going to be baking any cake, as I will be on a plane crossing the big pond that very day. I hope you would though. It should be fun.


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